Get ready for DestinyQuest Raiders

Posted by M J Ward on 15 October 2023

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If you’ve been following my social media and news updates, you will know that I have a new spin-off series in the works, the first title of which is coming to Kickstarter on 24 October. I thought I’d take this opportunity to get you up to speed with the info that has been shared – so you are fully prepared for day one of this exciting funding campaign!

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Never give up - Keep questing!

Posted by on 27 September 2023

So, this is a very personal news update. As you know, my new spin off series hits Kickstarter at the end of next month – and my previous one, The Wrath of Ragnarok, has just drawn to a close with the release of its final stretch goals.

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DestinyQuest Raiders - a new game experience

Posted by M J Ward on 28 April 2023

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First off a massive thank you to the community for making The Wrath of Ragnarok (Book 5 of DestinyQuest) an astonishing success. We unlocked loads of goodies, and I can't wait to deliver this eagerly awaited book to fans in early August. I feel it is my best work so far, so I am excited to hear what players think of it. That aside... there is more special news.

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Wrath of Ragnarok - now on Kickstarter!

Posted by M J Ward on 13 March 2023

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Just a main site update to remind people that the latest DestinyQuest gamebook, The Wrath of Ragnarok, is currently funding on Kickstarter with 10 days left. Thanks to some amazing fan support we have already unlocked a host of amazing stretch goals, which include:

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Ultimate Player Guide - Raiders of Dune Sea

Posted by M J Ward on 16 February 2023

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From the sand-dusted tombs and ruins of the Dune Sea come fragments of fabulous lore – secrets and knowledge that will aid your hero on their voyages across the desert lands of Khitesh. Thanks to Kay Hyam’s diligent efforts, these sacred texts have finally been catalogued and combined together into a single tome – one that would even impress the grand archmage, Avian Dale.

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