Never give up - Keep questing!

Posted by on 27 September 2023

So, this is a very personal news update. As you know, my new spin off series hits Kickstarter at the end of next month – and my previous one, The Wrath of Ragnarok, has just drawn to a close with the release of its final stretch goals.

I want to just say a few things about my journey. Obviously it has been very up and down, from the heights of getting a major book deal with Gollancz 10 years ago, to then having to survive a series of unlucky collaborations as I have pushed on alone. Each one of those could have killed the series and my enthusiasm, but oddly they just fuelled my passion even more to prove to them and others what DestinyQuest should be – what it stands for, and what it can achieve. I have never given up.



And all that is due to two things. First is tenacity. I have a belief in my core design and the series as a whole. Many people have told me at times I am stupid and foolish to write gamebooks and keep on with the writing, but I have stuck by my books – even when it has meant many sacrifices along the way.

Secondly, it’s the fan base. You guys keep me going and I never want to let you down, even when I know there are hiccups and issues. Thank you to the majority who give me such faithful support and I always strive to give it back – even at my own expense sometimes, because loyalty is a two way thing and I never take it lightly. I learn from my mistakes and always aim for perfection.

This next Kickstarter is a big deal for me. I’m putting a lot of effort and money into this, because I believe in the concept, story and series. Everything in life is a gamble – but after my personal experiences of lockdown and Covid, I learnt a valuable lesson. Never live for tomorrow – today and this moment is all that matters. You have to pursue your dreams and passions in the now because it could all be taken away in an instant. I never want to live with regrets.

Please join me on 24 October for the launch of DestinyQuest Raiders on Kickstarter. It’s a privilege to have this chance to share my passion with you once again. I hope you will join me for this ride.

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Happy adventuring


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