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Posted by M J Ward on 16 May 2024

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Hail adventurers!

I thought I would write a quick news update for you – largely because there has been a lot of discussion (and, as it turns out, conflicting information that I received and then relayed) about the retail release of DestinyQuest Raiders: Tides of Terror and the accompanying Combat Pad.  

Now, to clarify – it was my intention to release the book/s in June, so that Kickstarter pledges could be fulfilled before the general public had a chance to get their hands on it. Unfortunately, Amazon messed that plan up. The books came into my publisher’s early (on Monday) and Amazon ‘sees’ this as stock availability, and immediately puts in orders.

I was misinformed yesterday that Amazon were halting sales. I’ve just been told today that they aren’t and are still requesting books. The process is largely automated and my publisher has tried their best to communicate with Amazon and solve this issue but to no avail. Orders have come through from Amazon for books, and if we don’t fulfil it (and cancel it), then it may affect future orders they place on Tides of Terror and the Combat Pad. Which is bad for everyone!

So essentially, Amazon are making the books available for sale right now. If Amazon are selling it, then it just makes sense to lift the June embargo (on other suppliers and independent bookshops) and make it a level playing field. So, this is going ahead – and for the UK, Tides of Terror should be appearing for sale this week from various outlets.

It may still take several weeks for the book to become available on international distributor websites, so unless overseas buyers want to pay the extra shipping from the UK, then the book is still largely going to be a June release for them.

As for Kickstarter pledges, books are getting packed on 24 May and then getting shipped out the week afterwards. So, all pledges should be in the mail by 1 June (or thereabouts).

Sorry that this hasn’t gone as smoothly as it could have, but let’s pause and remember that, in the end, two new DestinyQuest books are hitting the shelves – and whether it’s a week or a few weeks before you get your copy, in the grand scheme of things, everyone will be happily questing and battling the hordes together come mid-June!

Thank you all for your patience and support.

Let’s hope that the new spin-off series is a success so I can write and publish more. That’s the dream!

Happy adventuring!


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