To infinity and beyond – DestinyQuest interactive is on its way!

Posted by M J Ward on 9 October 2014

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As mentioned in my previous blog post, the guys at QuestForge studios have been diligently working on the interactive version of The Legion of Shadow (entitled DestinyQuest Infinite). Their forges have been burning bright now for many months, the hammering of tools reaching a grand crescendo as the unveiling of their master work draws ever closer. Braving the steam-filled workshops, my rogue spy was able to uncover some new intel, as well as scoop a copy of the official launch trailer. 

Yes, you heard that correctly – the DestinyQuest Infinite launch trailer is finally here. The trailer provides a sneak peek at the interface, artwork and combat system. The first Act will be released in early November, with the further two Acts being released episodically over the following months.

So, what about that new intel that I uncovered? Well, first off QuestForge is taking the ‘buy once, play anywhere' approach. What that means is that you can purchase DQ Infinite for your PC or Mac and also have access to your account on a mobile device too. Support will be added for iPad, iPhone and Android.   

Secondly, you may have glimpsed them briefly in the trailer, one of the cool new features in DQ Infinite are the item cards. Each of the 613 items in the game has its own card, which features the details of the item (statistics and special abilities) as well as flavour text written by my good self. There is a wealth of info to uncover, not only about the items themselves but also other aspects of the DestinyQuest game world. My spy also informs me that a gallery option is likely to be added at a later date so that players can view all their ill-gotten gains. 

Monsters have received the same treatment too and will also have their own cards. Again, as well as displaying their stats and special abilities, the cards will feature flavour text, offering up an impressive DQ bestiary to explore.

To keep up to date with the latest DestinyQuest Infinite news you can head over to the official website. (Much safer than braving their fiery inner sanctum as my slightly cooked spy will attest to!) I will also be posting more news here and on my twitter/facebook pages as and when. Visit my buy page for links. 

Not long to wait now. Time to start sharpening those blades and practising those spells, the legion is on the march!



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