Happy New Year!

Posted by M J Ward on 1 January 2018

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I just wanted to wish DQers across the globe a very Happy New Year. There is lots of goodness in store for fans in 2018 – namely a new book coming out around August time, this time published by Megara Entertainment. There will also be a Kickstarter for the new book running from 10 January to 10 February. Be sure to check it out and pledge if you are able to – as there will be exclusive epic loot cards available!

I’m about a month away from finishing the book. I am very pleased with it – although it will certainly be the largest of all the DQ books. Even so, I just wasn’t able to tell the full story in just one volume, so for the first time this story will be split across two books – and you will get to carry your hero across from one book to the next.

For those of you who don’t follow my social media feeds, then here – at last – is the grand unveiling of the Book Four cover! This stunning illustration was created by the talented Paul Cheshire, who has created much of the artwork on this site. He has also done the artwork for the loot cards.

The last month has been a tough one for me, as my dear friend and ex-partner Mary, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was finally moved into a nursing home. It has been an emotional time, but the move is for the best, so that Mary can get the around the clock care that she needs. I’ve dedicated Book Four to Mary, who continues to be my inspiration and strength.

Moving forward, expect a lot more news updates on this site as the Kickstarter gets going. I’ll be sharing info on the new careers, features and game play of the new book – so there will be lots to discover and talk about. As I said, this should be a very exciting year for DestinyQuest. I hope you will join me for the ride!


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