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Posted by M J Ward on 18 August 2015

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They say the best things come to those who wait, and I know the wait has been a long one, but there is now an official release date for the final act of DestinyQuest Infinite.

DestinyQuest Infinite is an interactive adaptation of the first book in the DestinyQuest series, The Legion of Shadow. Each act of the story has been released separately, to allow players to level their heroes and provide ongoing feedback to the QuestForge team to improve the experience and squash any annoying bugs.

Players who have been submersed in the interactive world of DestinyQuest, battling their way across the fetid swamps of Black Marsh and delving into the lost ruins that litter the spirit-haunted depths of Mistwood, can finally take their heroes onto the last leg of their epic journey.

The final act now has a release date – September 14!

In Act 3 of The Legion of Shadow, the action steps up a notch as you hurtle towards the final showdown with the infamous Legion. Here’s the fluff I wrote for the QuestForge team if you want a taster of what to expect in this exciting last act:

The Legion grows in strength, turning a once proud city to ruin. With the aid of a small band of resistance fighters, you must battle through the Bone Fields, searching its many tombs and valleys to discover a means to defeat the Legion once and for all.     

Set against you is the might of a powerful necromancer, intent on summoning a vast undead army, powerful enough to destroy the last of the city’s defenders and break the shield that holds the Legion in thrall.

Will you rise to the challenge and become a great hero of legend, or will the shadows of your past finally catch up with you?

You can preorder the full game here: Act 1 and 2 are already available to play – and by pre-ordering you will be able to play Act 3 on the day of release.

If you also fancy experiencing this exciting adventure the traditional way (that's pencils and dice folks!), then the print version of The Legion of Shadow is also available from all good booksellers.

What are you waiting for – there’s loot to be found!

Happy adventuring!


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