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Posted by M J Ward on 4 September 2018

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It’s been a while since I wrote an update for the site, so I thought it was high time I brought everyone up to date with the progress on Book IV – and give a sneaky insight into one of its new game features.

Layout of the paperback version has already started and Megara are hoping to have copies printed this month (September). That means that backers could be getting their book very soon – exciting! Once the paperback is complete, work will start on the hardback version (which has different dimensions). Obviously there is lots to do in regards fulfilling orders – such as printing loot cards, hero sheets etc. – but I am confident there won’t be too much longer to wait, and I thank everyone for their patience.

The latest Kickstarter update revealed some black-and-white artwork that was commissioned for the inside pages of the book, including some rather strange looking squares and stars, which may have left some of you a little perplexed.



These symbols are part of a new reputation system that will be running throughout the book. In DestinyQuest IV, as you explore and battle your way across the Badlands and Dune Sea, you will be given opportunities to side with and support certain factions. By completing quests and challenges for these factions, you can gain reputation points – which can be recorded on the relevant tracker for your faction:



Each time you reach one of the stars, you unlock a new tier of rewards – usually powerful weapons, armour and trinkets that you can purchase to boost your hero’s powers. Obviously, the more reputation you gain, the better the rewards!

There are also a number of vendors that you can interact with. Each vendor will have their own special items for sale – and may ask you to hunt out and provide them with special loot from your quests. Again, your interactions will help boost your reputation with a vendor, unlocking better and more powerful items to purchase. However, you might have to be picky about who you choose to ally with, as the artefacts that they crave may be in short supply.

Reputation is just one of the many exciting features in Raiders of Dune Sea. Over the next few weeks, as excitement builds towards publication, I will be detailing some more of these new features (some of which have already been teased in the Kickstarter updates). Book IV really does feel like a fresh take on the DQ series – and I’m sure fans will love discovering all the new geek goodness that awaits them.

Happy adventuring!


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