DestinyQuest Infinite is now available!

Posted by M J Ward on 15 November 2014

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It has been many years in the making – but at long last, DestinyQuest Infinite (the interactive version of The Legion of Shadow) is now available to buy. Diligent fans may remember the app first being teased with the original release of The Legion of Shadow back in May 2012. It has been quite a journey, but I'm glad to say it has been worth it - and I am very proud of what the QuestForge team have achieved.

DestinyQuest Infinite is a faithful reproduction of the entire first book (including its bonus content). At the moment, only Act 1 is available (with Act 2 and 3 to follow as episodic add-ons). Having tested the app prior to launch, I would say that Act 2 looked pretty polished, so I don’t imagine it would be too long before the extra episodes are available, allowing you to level your heroes further, choose careers, and really get stuck into the myriad of abilities available.

DestinyQuest Infinite is an ongoing project – to that end, the team are referring to the current release as a ‘soft launch’. In the team’s own words, the game ‘is not perfect, but it’s finished, working and ready to release. Instead of locking it up in a tower while we do the final polishing, we decided it’d be more fun for everyone if we put the game in your hands.’



In many ways this is an exciting time to play and get involved – as it will allow you to give feedback to the developers and help shape the future of the app. Of course, it also allows you to get ahead of the pack prior to the official launch, by levelling up your heroes ready for the release of Act 2.

You can sign up for your epic adventure here – and note that there are also some kickstarter-style extras you can purchase, including limited edition art books and posters. If they prove as popular as the loot cards then expect them to get snapped up pretty quick.

So what are you waiting for? No need for pencils and paper, dive straight into the interactive world of DestinyQuest Infinite and let your computer become the gamesmaster. Game on! 


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