Book Four available for pre-order

Posted by M J Ward on 19 February 2019

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The long wait is almost over. Book Four of the DestinyQuest series finally takes to the desert in the next exciting installment of this epic gamebook series. 

The book is now available for pre-order on the Matador website: Kickstarter backers should wait for the KS only update on the Kickstarter page, which will provide a special discount code to enable backers to obtain the book early (with loot cards).  

The release date is 12 March. Book Four will also be made available on Amazon, Book Depository and other online retailers very soon.  

It's been a long journey with plenty of ups and downs, but I am very excited to finally start to see the book getting into people's hands. I think this is the best of the series by far (but then I would say that...), with lots of new features such as dungeon delves, pets and minions, and more dynamic class abilities. Gamers are in for a treat - so I hope that you enjoy!

And don't forget, The Raiders of Dune Sea is just one half of the epic new story that I want to tell - and its sequel, The Edge of Time, will be coming very soon. 

Happy adventuring!



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