How to play


Your hero starts their adventure as a simple traveller, with no remarkable skills or abilities. Once your hero has gained some experience however, three paths will become available to you – the path of the warrior, the rogue and the mage. Your hero can only choose one of these paths, and once that decision is made, it can’t be changed –  so choose wisely. The chosen path will determine the careers and abilities that your hero can learn throughout their adventures.



The warrior is a master of weapons and armour. Although slow in combat, the warrior compensates for this with mighty strength and a hardy endurance.

Strengths: powerful blows; heavy armour

Key attributes: brawn and armour



The rogue is a master of speed and deception. Whilst weak and vulnerable in longer fights, the rogue excels in exploiting weaknesses and avoiding damage.

Strengths: dodge abilities; fast attacks

Key attributes: speed and brawn



By studying the arcane schools of fire, lightning, frost and shadow, a mage can command devastating spells and summon fiendish monsters.

Strengths: spells and curses; healing

Key attributes: magic

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