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Topic: Multiple abilities

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  • Multiple abilities

    Hello again!
    Am I wrong or is Charm the only ability which can be used more than once in a fight (given that we have it on multiple items)? Its description suggests so but I cannot find where the general rules forbid that other abilities are re-used as well.

  • Re: Multiple abilities

    From the Online Glossary:
    Unless otherwise stated in the text, each ability can only be used once
    during a combat – even if you have multiple items with the same ability
    (i.e. if you have two items with the piercing ability, you can still only use
    piercing once per combat). The same rule applies to passive abilities (i.e.
    even if you have two items with the venom ability, you can only have one
    venom effect in play at a time).

    Abilities, like Charm (mo), that can be played multiple times are: Greater Heal (mo), Heal (mo), Regrowth (mo)

    Hope it helps ;)

  • Re: Multiple abilities

    Of course it helps, thank you very much!

    I was just looking for this rule at the beginning of the book, when it was at the end...

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