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Topic: Rogue - DQ4 - Act 2

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  • Rogue - DQ4 - Act 2

    Hello everybody!

    As soon as I received DQ5 I realized that I had never properly finished DQ4, yet. Now here I am, at the beginning of Act 2!

    Head: King Crown +1 Sp, +1 Br (Dominate)
    Cloak: Drape of the Flayer with Rune of Healing +1 Sp, +2 Br (Gut Ripper, Heal)
    Gloves: Winding Wraps +1 Sp, +1 Br (Webbed)
    Chest: Nightwalker Rags +1 Sp, +1 Br (Bleed)
    Feet: Badlands Booty +1 Sp, +3 Br (Sideswipe, Sneak)
    Main Hand: Melted Shiv (Dagger) +1 Sp, +2 Br (Sear)
    Left Hand: Bitter Black (Flintlock) +1 Sp, +1 Br (Critical Strike)
    Talisman: Golden Compass +1 Br (Surefooted)
    Necklace: Fanged Collar +1 Br
    Ring 1: Kraken Bone +1 Br (Fear)
    Ring 2: Thirsting Band +1 Br (Gouge)

    Health: 35
    Speed: 7
    Brawn: 15

    Spark Daggers

    Backpack: Enchanted Whetstone (4), Rope, Warding Lantern
    Money Pouch: 347

    Keywords: Desperado, Plunder, Seeker, Cache, Edict, Raiders, Collection, Defiance, Redeemer

    Reputation: +6 Himba, +1 Cabal

    It took me no less than 24 (twenty-four) attempts before the filthy urchins got me the Nightwalker Rags! I swear, those little rascals were doing it on purpose!

    I'm Fairly satisfied with the combo Spark Daggers + Bleed + Gouge, which grants me a good headstart against most enemies but I find the Kraken Bone utterly useless.

    Beside, I fear that I may have passed the chance for a new Career more than a couple of times; same goes for a Pet.

    I hope that Act 2 is somewhat more forgiving, otherwise I'm never going to play DQ5...

  • Re: Rogue - DQ4 - Act 2

    Rogue careers do not become available until Act 2 so I don't think you will have missed one. And rogues only get chance for one pet in Act 2.

    Yes, the spark daggers and the bleed/gouge combo is really strong. As you move into Act 2, don't miss out on boosting your speed when you can. It can be tempting to hold onto items because of combo benefits, but remember you will have the vault (soon...) to help you store items etc.

    A shame you switched out the starter ring for Kraken bone. Sixth sense is one of the most awesome abilities in the book, in my opinion!

  • Re: Rogue - DQ4 - Act 2

    Yes, I took a peek at the flowcharts: I have three Careers waiting for me in Act 2. Now I have to plan accordingly and find the necessary weapons (either a sword for the right hand or a dagger for the left).

    As for the combo, I beg to differ: plenty of enemies have Body of Metal, which means that I'm "wasting" two slots. I'm going to get rid of Bleed/Gouge as soon as possible, prioritizing Speed over everything else.

    I miss dearly Sixth Sense but I found that +1 Magic annoying...

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