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Topic: Noelle Arclight - DestinyQuest 2 Warrior

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  • Noelle Arclight - DestinyQuest 2 Warrior

    (Character Appearance:

    While journeying across the Fenstone Moors, Noelle tried to recall what her life was like before she was kidnapped and interrogated by that librarian and inquisitor.

    She remembered being a maid of a well-known noble. However, she wasn't just a typical maid, but also a swordswoman who can handle her own in a battle; a "maid-knight" she called herself. Her job was cozy and she was paid well, but it came to an end when she developed strange powers, which led to her being forcefully taken away. that truly what her past was like? She couldn't remember due to the Elysium she had been taking due to the interrogation and the visions she had been experiencing against her will. All she remembered was that she wore a dirtied maid uniform when she was being interrogated by that librarian.

    Perhaps there is some truth to what she thought her past was, but for now, she must explore and grow stronger.

    (Currently going through Act 1 Orange Quest, "Bullets Over Blight Haven")

    Name: Noelle Arclight
    Path: Prophet (aka currently pathless, but planning on going Warrior)
    Career: N/A
    Health: 30
    Stats: 2sp, 4br, 2ma, 4ar
    Keywords: Bones, Sure Blade, Calling, Prevail

    Head: Plumed Helm (1ar)
    Cloak: Saddle Blanket (1ar)
    Gloves: Trollskin Gloves (1ar)
    Chest: Wolf Bone Vest (1sp 1ar)
    Feet: N/A

    Main hand: Great Divider (Axe) (1sp 1br) bleed
    Left hand: Manticore's Tooth (Dagger) (1br) savagery

    Talisman: Wishing Well Coin () charm

    Necklace: N/A
    Ring: Warded Wood (1br 1ma)
    Ring: All Hallow's Ring (1br)

    Prophet Powers () prophecy


    So, meet Noelle Arclight, the prophet on the run! She is based off--or well, quite literally is Noelle from Genshin Impact. Only difference is I came up with the last name myself. She will be the last Genshin Impact character I'll use to play through DestinyQuest, considering I've planned out my characters' identities for the third and fourth books already.

    I like the start of Book 2 already and I'm surprised that your hero here starts with a lot more than your hero from Book 1, which is neat. I like the town of Carvel and the quality of loot from the two green quests.

    If you've seen the text above my heroine's information, I've came up with a small backstory for Noelle to fit within Valeron. However, I don't know what twists this book will give my character (like how Yoimiya was actually shadowborn) and if it will contradict with my backstory for her or not, so I left it up in the air like "Is this really her past? Or did the Elysium from her interrogation affect her state of mind badly?"

    Anyways, I am planning on playing as a typical sword-swinging Warrior for this playthrough of DestinyQuest 2: Heart of Fire. I'll post another status update once I get through a few more Act 1 content here.

    I guess my only question is if the conflict between the Church and the Wiccans is presented like "gray-and-gray morality" as in, neither side is completely good or evil? Because if I am to be honest, I'm not very comfortable with the church's actions and conquering.

  • Re: Noelle Arclight - DestinyQuest 2 Warrior

    To answer your question about morality: it's a leitmotiv of the DQ books, in my opinion.

    You already seen in book 1 some different point of views, ad it will happen again in book 3 and 4.
    I really like how this is developed by Michael; sometimes behind these good/evil factions, there's a lot of misunderstandings and intolerance, the reader thanxs to the replayability of the books can see things from different perspectives.
    Because, in my opinion, at the end it's the classic mistake humanity always does, dividi et impera, you support one side and everything the other faction does is always wrong; At the point that if you found that you were in the wrong side or you did a mistake, the lie is so big that you can not accept the truth and keep living the lie.
    at least these are my impressions, also because in book 1 and the intro you just read shows a main character that is always an outcast; after the ending of book 1 it doesn't matter what you did, you are still considered an outcast and persecuted.
    Which is a neutral situation that allows you to see people for what they really are, despite their factions.

  • Re: Noelle Arclight - DestinyQuest 2 Warrior

    I see! That is very interesting to hear. I look forward to readin' more of Book 2, as well as Book 3 and 4 when I get there...eventually.

  • Re: Noelle Arclight - DestinyQuest 2 Warrior

    Holy moly, it's been a month since I last updated. I took a break from DestinyQuest 2 to focus on my college work since I'm nearing the end of the winter semester. I remember currently going through the Bullets Over Blight Haven Act 1 orange quest, which is nice-I like the undead theme.

    I'll post another status update tonight or tomorrow.

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