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Topic: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

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  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Can't wait to read your hero progression in Act 3

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Hi, Gilgamesh! I saw your heroes hangin' about around this subforum, but I can't look at 'em yet.

    I've just made a bit of progress through Act 3. I'm enjoying the theme of the act; being in an undead-infested area and all.

    Unfortunately, due to a combination of bad luck, lack of preparation on stocking up potions, and being greedy (aka Going in as Pickpocket and not thinking of changing into Shadowstalker, which I unlocked and is a useful career), I ended the two orange quests of Act 3 very prematurely, or rather, I failed the quests.

    I am definitely going to be in for an incredibly rough time for the remaining Act 3 content, but I'm determined to see this through the end and move onto DestinyQuest 2.

    I'll post a status update of my Act 3 heroine's gear soon.

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Once you replay the book, you will have a clearer idea of where to spend the gold coins; Even at my first reading I still did not spend because I was afraid of not having enough coins to buy something useful. Shadowstalker is more aggressive in combat and his skills are very useful. You are probably playing the quest Waking the Dead (there are a lot of areas that for strategic choices, even made in previous acts make you miss encounters and incredible moments, absolutely deserves to be replayed and explored several times). The epic nature of the ending excites me every time I play it.

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    I see. Thank you for your insight!

    Naw, I prematurely failed Waking the Dead because I died against the apprentice necromancer and Giblets. I did not pack any potions and I entered the quest battle as a Pickpocket instead of a Shadowstalker, which would have been a more effective career to use for that quest.

    When I eventually replay this book in the future, I'll make sure to be more wise in preparing my character....and planning them out too.

    Granted, I may have forgotten to apply Italian Edition changes throughout Act 3, so I might be makin' things tough on myself. Oh well.

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    I don't think anyone will mind if your rogue sneaks back to Act 2 and picks up the shadowstalker career ;-)

    I would say that assassin is one of the most powerful careers in book 1 - once you get venom and and the bonus to passive damage, that extra damage (with bleed) can really blow through opponents. There are a few opponents immune to venom/bleed - but not many.

    And the shadowstalker is a solid career for survivability.

    One piece of advice - don't hold to items past their sell by date. I know you like the bow for roleplay purposes but be prepared to swap that out for something better - like a sword or dagger with better attributes and ability.

    Legion of Shadow can be a rough ride I'm afraid. But it is a good training ground. When you come to Book 2 you will find it a breeze! And be blown away by the difference!

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Aye, I've learned from my mistake and I'll take on the remaining Act 3 content as a Shadowstalker, because it's a fantastic career IMO. And as for Death Strike, yeah, I get you. I love the bow, but it seems to have served its purpose. I might replace it when I come across a good left hand weapon.

    Anyways, here is a status update on my heroine in Act 3! I planned on doing a status update before that showed Yoimiya's current stats at the End of Act 2/Start of Act 3, but I didn't get the chance to, so that's like a missing episode right there if we were to imagine Yoimiya's journey as a movie or a TV show. Regardless, a LOT has happened.

    (ACT 3)

    Name: Yoimiya "The Arena Champion" "The Chosen One"
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Shadowstalker (Abilities: Shadow Speed, Shadow Fury)
    Health: 45
    Stats: 14sp, 21br, 0ma, 0ar

    Head: Total Eclipse (2sp 3br) vanish
    Cloak: Gloom Shade (2sp 3br) steal
    Gloves: Nightwalker Gloves (1sp 2br) nightwalker set [gut ripper]
    Chest: Nightwalker Tunic (1sp 2br) nightwalker set [gut ripper]
    Feet: Marsh Striders (2sp 2br) sideswipe

    Main hand: Mortican's Scapel (dagger) (3sp 4br) disease
    Left hand: Death Strike (bow) (1sp 3br) bull's eye

    Talisman: Tiger's Heart (1sp) cat's speed

    Necklace: Beetle-Shell Garland (1sp) charm
    Ring: Lupine Lapis (1br) bleed
    Ring: Finger of Fire (1br) sear

    Other: Gold Detector () beep! beep!


    New, shiny loot! I've recently completed the blue quest in Act 3, Against All Odds, and I love it! Disclaimer, however, my heroine's current equipment is NOT the same as the equipment she wore when she entered that quest.

    Anywho, I like the last-stand type of feeling where your player character and four others struggle to keep the undead horde at bay so Lansbury can activate the Angel statue. I also liked how you control your allies in battle, while your player character doesn't join in unless your current ally dies. However, I've bent the rules to give Laine and co. a higher chance of survival:

    1. Upon beginning the battle, my hero (Yoimiya) will activate her pre-combat abilities, which in this case, is the Bull's Eye from Death Strike, and also apply passive damage effects. I rationalized it as her spotting the fight between one of her allies and the enemy and providing aid with her bow before leaving it to her ally to win their battle.

    2. If the ally's HP falls below 10, they fall back and my heroine tags in to finish the battle.

    Despite the new conditions I've put in place, Witchfinder Gull was the only ally to fall in battle, so no special achievement in this playthrough. Oh well.

    I don't think you can restart a quest after you complete or fail it, but I will break the rules and "restart" Waking the Dead since I never got to see the rest of the quest due to losing my first battle against the apprentice necromancer. I want to see what makes it epic, as Gilgamesh says, and maybe I can find some neat loot. My reasoning could be that most of Zul's forces left the necropolis, allowing Yoimiya and co. to sneak back in. Unlike her last visit, Yoimiya will be better prepared.

    I'll post another status update once I finish most of Act 3's content.

    Also, giving a shoutout to the Magmageddon reward weapon, Burning Heretic. It's a solid +3 speed, +3 brawn sword that served its purpose when my heroine wielded it. Not to mention, having Critical Strike alongside Gut Ripper felt very nice.

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