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Topic: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

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  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    I'm going through the bonus quest as we speak. It is quite unexpectedly tough, but fun!

    Yeah, I'll go Warrior next time if I want to play the traditional archer.

    As for the keyword, Gilgamesh. If I know what you're referring it that one Act 1 blue quest called The Black Book? If so, then no, I went the goody two shoes route of leaving it guarded by the crusader's ghost. Is there something devilish about it?

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Yes,that black book from Act 1.
    If you have the "black book" word you can visit a paragraph (part of a section that can be reached even without this code-word, but with the correct choices); It's about the background of a character. Something that you will appreciate in the latest books of the kickstarter trilogy "The Sands of time"

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    Hey Randy - thank you so much for sharing your adventures. I'm pleased your rogue was able to make such amazing progress! I think you will breeze through to the end.

    As a thank you for your time (and because I know you love bows...) email me at

    I have some art postcards to send you and one I think you will like, if you ever play through LoS again as a warrior

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    A late response, but I appreciate the thanks!


    Name: Yoimiya "The Champion of Light" / Lorcan
    Path: Rogue
    Career: Shadowstalker (Abilities: Shadow Speed, Shadow Fury)
    Health: 45
    Stats: 16sp, 25br, 0ma, 0ar

    Head: Total Eclipse (2sp 3br) vanish
    Cloak: Nemesis Shroud (2sp 3br) dark pact
    Gloves: Nightwalker Gloves (1sp 2br) nightwalker set
    Chest: Dark Slayer Vest (2sp 4br) dominate
    Feet: Marsh Striders (2sp 2br) usurper

    Main hand: Mortican's Scapel (dagger) (3sp 4br) disease
    Left hand: Gorgis Grip (fist) (2sp 4br) rake

    Talisman: Heart of the Beast (1sp 1br) savagery

    Necklace: Beetle-Shell Garland (1sp) charm
    Ring: Lupine Lapis (1br) bleed
    Ring: Finger of Fire (1br) sear

    Other: Gold Detector () beep! beep!

    Light-Infused Shadow Mark () bright shield

    Absorbed Shadowspawn Abilities () snakes alive! and windwalker


    Now I can say I'm done with DestinyQuest 1, at least a playthrough of it. The bonus quest was riveting and its ending being a cliffhanger made me sad for my heroine's fate.

    From the bonus quest, I had the keyword "companion" so sorry not sorry, Mathis.

    Either way, the final fight was impossible for me without potions, so I had to "cheat" to get to Lansbury's store in Act 3 even if it doesn't make sense, just to buy some healing flasks so I can survive the statues' passive damage onslaught as I decimate the final boss.

    Now that I've finished my heroine's journey, she is pretty much ready for Hero-vs-Hero Combat and Team Battles for anyone, user or guest, interested in fighting or teaming up with her.

    For fluff and visualizations, Yoimiya's appearance in these special combats is dependent on the following:

    - If you are fighting her in Hero-vs-Hero (PvP) combat, then Yoimiya assumes her default appearance before Lorcan forcefully fused himself with her shadow mark. I'll change my pfp soon, so this is a link to what she looks like pre-Lorcan Fusion (I basically ripped the entire character + name off from a video game, since this was intended to be a roleplay build for that video game character):

    - Even if you use a hero from DestinyQuest 2, 3, or 4 against Yoimiya in battle, she won't assume her post-Lorcan Fusion appearance.

    - If you are teaming up with her in team battles (as I know they exist in later DestinyQuest books, can't wait to see them), then to "fit in with continuity," Yoimiya assumes the appearance of Female Lorcan--a wrinkled, old woman of a mage as the result of the forceful fusion.

  • Re: Yoimiya - DestinyQuest 1 Rogue

    You will love book 2 ;)
    You can unlock the perfect career for your character...but it's not easy do it at first try, good luck and have fun exploring the Fenstone moors, the Terral jungle...and the dreadful Tartarus!

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