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Topic: DQ4 Keyword Question

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  • DQ4 Keyword Question

    I believe that I've completed every quest in Act I up to 'Trouble Out of Tombstone' (section 68), but I don't have the 'raider' keyword necessary to access it. I don't know if I somehow overlooked that keyword so far--or if possibly it's found in the dungeon delve or one of the mini-boss fights (which I have not done). Could somebody give me some direction on how to get the 'radier' keyword? Thanks!

  • Re: DQ4 Keyword Question

    It's based on the choices you make. That quest line starts in Thunder Creek if you end up getting thrown into jail.

  • Re: DQ4 Keyword Question

    Ah, thank you! I guess I didn't expect one of the "main quests" to be locked in that way.

  • Re: DQ4 Keyword Question

    It's more a side quest really - I wanted to write something that felt a bit more Tarantino (Hateful Eight) to fit with the western theme.

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