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Topic: DQ4 - Prologue

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  • DQ4 - Prologue

    As a backer I had a chance to read the prologue of the next book and I enjoyed it immensely!

    The history of this protagonist reminds me somehow of the Prophet: an innocent persecuted and exploited for their magic powers. I want to know more about this "green flames creature" (referred to as "they"), as I am sure that it is going to have an important part, maybe a connection to the previous books.
    A real touch of class is the young knight traveling to meet Avian Dale (I always wondered if this unlucky chap had any purpose in meeting the mage). By the way, this means that the events told RoDS take place years after LoS, right?

    Anybody has comments?

  • Re: DQ4 - Prologue

    I love the tone of the new book. Wonder about time line though. Says he was twelve when the knight is headed out in first book. I checked back with Bk2 and I don't think we know what time passes between legion and heart of fire. Perhaps the new book takes place at same time as heart of fire or later. Because hero sounds older in the prologue.

    I thought it great that Sahna is back from legion. That's pretty damn cool!

  • Re: DQ4 - Prologue

    I do not have the book right now, who is Sahna? Maybe the woman working for the wizard in Act2?

  • Re: DQ4 - Prologue

    she's the merc who hires you in the sunken city quest. Act 2.

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