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Topic: Campaign Length Question

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  • Campaign Length Question

    I'm considering jumping into DQ, but wanted to know on average how long it takes to complete 1 playthrough of the campaign?

  • Re: Campaign Length Question

    A difficult one to answer really. I suspect with each book there is around 20 hours of content (if you are fighting all the battles etc.).

    You may also want to check out this blog post:

  • Re: Campaign Length Question

    Thanks for the info! I'm currently waiting for Heart of Fire to be delivered tomorrow!

    I heard about DestinyQuest from the recent Hexplore It campaign on GameFound. One of the authors said their campaign books were partially influenced by DestinyQuest.

  • Re: Campaign Length Question

    Cool! I hadn't heard of it but have just checked out their website. Looks like quite a cool game system.

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