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Topic: Latest versions

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  • Latest versions

    Hello everybody, I am the proud owner of the first three books. Having moved to a new country leaving them behind (and being they in poor conditions anyway), I was thinking about re-buying the lot, while I am waiting for the next one (I am also a KS backer).
    The question is: how can I be sure to obtain the latest version? I seem to recall that LoS went through a series of editings, right? Will the match size and format of DQ4?
    Thanks in advance for the answers.

  • Re: Latest versions

    Hello Rygar (i played the bonus adventure (The Crown of King Alin IV) only some weeks ago
    i just checked on Amazon, books 1,2 and 3 are on sale @ 18,52/12,53/16,49 $
    They are the Gollancz edition, book 1 includes the bonus quests; this is the latest updated edition to my knowledge.

    The DQ4 hardcover version will have the following dimensions: 8.25 x 10.75 (273 x 210 mm),while the paperback edition will have specs matching the previous softcover volumes
    -copy and paste from Kickstarter-

  • Re: Latest versions

    @ Rygar

    I have copies of all three in the small mass-market format that I can sell you. Send me an email ( if you are interested. The copy of Heart of Fire will have the colour maps. I can sign those for you too. Downside is P&P will be more expensive than going through a site such as Book Depository.

    Otherwise, the only one you need to be wary of is Legion of Shadow, which I updated and improved a lot with successive printings. You will want the purple logo cover, which is the small mass-market paperback. (

    The new DestinyQuest IV paperback will be the same size as the above.

    @ Gilgamesh

    Not sure what the 'The Crown of King Alin IV' is, but I didn't write it!

  • Re: Latest versions

    Forgot to mention that was another gamebook's adventure
    Where the main character is Rygar's nickname.
    And the kickstarter is back on track, good news.

  • Re: Latest versions

    So, let me get it straight...

    The only book which went through several editings and improvings is LoS and the one at the link you posted is the latest version. My actual copy, for instance, has Rennie's slicer as +2 Speed weapon, whereas the latest version gives +1 Speed and +1 Brawn.
    Am I all right so far?
    Now, does the copy on Book Depository come with a color map, too? I could just buy this one and retrieve somehow number 2 and 3.

    And yes, R(h)ygar is the hero of another story; I use this nick in any gamebook-oriented forum.

  • Re: Latest versions

    Yep that’s correct. I basically did a load of balance changes to improve the game experience and make it easier. The version of LoS with the purple logo is the latest/updated version.

    LoS and Eye of Winter’s Fury have colour maps. It is only the current printing of Heart of Fire that has black and white maps.

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